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Sennheiser xsw-d battery replacement

Sennheiser xsw-d battery replacement and battery life. Advertisement says up yo five hours, but usually I'm spectic and and I assume 2/3 when battery operated product is quite new. And later, after couple of years I assume about half of the original advertised time.

Anyway you need to change the batteries if you want to keep original design of this product. And when you've had enough of changing the battery, later you'll perhaps end up with power bank solutions.

You must use safety glasses!

Sennheiser xsw-d battery replacement
Sennheiser XSW-D

Opening sennheiser xsw-d
Sennheiser xsw-d battery life
Sennheiser xsw-d battery size
Sennheiser battery size

Sennheiser xsw-d battery cover
Xsw-d lid cover

Battery connector

Charging module sennheiser xsw-d
This charging module can be tilted away and positive can be cut off

Sennheiser Xsw battery size is 14500 li-ion 3,7V 770mAh
Xsw battery size is 14500 li-ion 3,7V 770mAh

Sennheiser xsw-d bodypack transmitter
Battery negative xsw-d
If desoldering is difficult, the negative can be cutted. Try to keep the strip/header as long as possible

Soldering paste or soldering liquid helps a lot

14500 battery replacement Sennheiser xsw-d
New 14500 battery is 800 mAh. Battery is aligned to top and original sticky tape is used.

Sennheiser xsw-d xlr receiver battery
Original foam pad is used

Sennheiser xsw-d battery cover glue. Zhandlida glue.
Glue for cover. Applying glue to edes of the cover, because small connectors destroyed during opening process. Zhanlida glue

After glueing, use rubber bands to keep cover in place.
Sennheiser xsw-d battery cover glue.
After glue place rubber bands around.

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